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Crystal Therapy


Crystal therapy can be traced back to many ancient civilisations such as the Egyptians, Native American Indians and the Mayans who all used crystals for their reputed healing properties.   Each crystal has its own unique properties and it is believed the very nature and orderly structure of crystals increases the level of harmony in the body and the immediate environment.  In advanced crystal therapy we also use specially bended aromatherapy oils and sound to help balance the whole energy system.  Whether we feel physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually out of balance the simple, powerful resonance of this therapy may help to reinstate our own harmonious patterns.

Crystal Therapy is a deeply relaxing healing session, which is as unique as you are.

All crystals are selected individually and placed on your body in a combination that is specific for your needs.

The special properties and minerals of each crystal will enhance your sense of well being whilst working on your energy system and providing a very real support for physical ailments.


Advanced Crystal Therapy Appointment includes: