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What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a branch a Chinese Medicine that has been used for thousands of years. Often described as a means of pain relief, it is in fact used to treat people with a wide range of illness.

Chinese Medicine perceives the body as a system that is kept in a dynamic state of balance by the flow of Qi pronounced chee and translates as vital energy. These channels of Qi travel beneath the skin and pass through different organs and muscle groups. The flow of Qi can be disturbed by a wide range of things, such as infection, trauma, emotional difficulties, poor diet and life style.

The main aim of acupuncture is to not only treat a specific symptom, but also help rebalance the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of an individual.

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What happen during an Acupuncture treatment?

On your first visit you will be asked:

It is up to you how much you discuss with the acupuncturist. All information is confidential and helps create a treatment plan.

The acupuncturist will then look at your tongue and pulse. Then while you are lying down a few very thin needles are placed into acupuncture points. The insertion is not painful, however as the needle links to the Qi you may feel a little internal movement or heaviness. This creates a gradual sense of relaxation. Needles are left in for around twenty minutes.

Treatment is then often weekly. The likely number of treatment needed varies. Sometime the effects are dramatic, while with other patients the results may be more subtle and take several months.

Can Acupuncture Help Me?

Research and practice over many years shown acupuncture's effectiveness in helping anxiety, arthritis, addiction, back pain, skin problems, depression, headaches, low energy, pain relief, pregnancy management, menstrual problems, hay fever, sinus problems, sciatica, infertility, asthma, IBS and insomnia. All treatment provided can be used to complement any existing Western healthcare you may be relieving.