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 What is osteopathy?

Osteopathic treatment consists of a non invasive and pharmaceutical free approach to your health. Through the use of massage, manipulation and stretching of a person’s muscles and joints osteopaths aim to prevent and resolve a number of health problems. Osteopathic treatment is commonly used to relieve problems in the following areas:

Osteopathy may also help to relieve conditions such asthma, period pains and digestive problems.

What is a treatment like?

First the practitioner will take a detailed case history from you, they will need to know if you have any underlying health problems or take any medication. This is important so that the practitioner can fully understand the history of your problem and anything that may have contributed to it.

Osteopaths do not only wish to relieve you of your symptoms but wish to understand the origin of the problem so they may help you to prevent it happening again.

The practitioner will then ask you to dress down to your underwear and observe how you stand. They may also ask you to go through some simple movements. This will help the osteopath to understand what aggravates or relieves the problem and will help them to work out what has caused it. Finally they will use their hands to find areas of tight muscle, tenderness, weakness or restriction. Once the practitioner has established what the problem is they will explain to you clearly what they believe to be causing your pain and then move on to treatment.

Treatment involves non invasive hands-on work to the body in order to release areas of restriction or tension which will allow the body to heal itself.

Techniques used may include; massage, manipulation, and stretching of the muscles and joints.

Osteopaths are trained to recognise when your problem needs referral to another practitioner and if they are concerned about an area of your health they may speak to you about referring you back to your GP. The osteopath will also continually communicate with you throughout your treatment to ensure that you are comfortable and understand what is going on.

It’s time to stop tolerating pain, call now for a friendly chat to see how osteopathy can help you.

Prices are - 

£40 for an initial consultation (includes treatment)

£35 for follow up appointments

Contact Details - 

Rosie directly: 07540453280 or viaThe Natural Health Service: 01792 651717

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