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Yoga for Therapy or Development

Individual Yoga Lessons


What is Yoga?

The classical techniques of Yoga date back more than 5,000 years. Yoga practices include postures, breathing techniques, chanting and meditation. A combination of these practices can create a stronger body, a more balanced nervous system and clearer mind, depending on your goals of practicing Yoga. 

You don’t have to be able to touch your toes and contort their body into difficult balance postures to practice Yoga. There are many types of Yoga, the style Beth teaches is known as Viniyoga, the aim of this form is to apply the tools of Yoga appropriately, in order to improve the health and well-being of an individual. This type is therefore accessible to all types of people, regardless of health conditions, lifestyle, age or energy levels.

How is one-to-one different to a group class?

Unlike a group class, individual lessons can be designed specifically to work with aspects that you want to change through practicing Yoga. Working one-to-one enables you to refine how you practice, as you will be given precise guidance and clear developmental goals.
With individual Yoga lessons you will work with your practice regularly in your own home, this regular contact with a short practice is much more effective than just attending a group class once a week.

What happens during an individual Yoga lesson?

You are invited to attend a free 30 minute consultation where we can discuss how Yoga might be able to benefit you. This gives us the opportunity to discuss your needs, personal goals and ways you can establish a consistent home practice.
If you then decide you would like a lesson, you will be asked to provide a little bit more information about you health and lifestyle which will help me to plan an appropriate practice for you. I will guide you through a Yoga practice, carefully ensuring that
 it is appropriate for you and that you are comfortable with the form and techniques used. I will give you a clearly written copy of your practice and will check that you can follow it at home.
Following a full lesson I suggest we meet again to review your practice, this will give us the opportunity to refine how you work and gradually develop the content in order to get the most from your Yoga practice.

Can Yoga Help Me?

Scientific research demonstrates the benefits of Yoga Therapy in alleviating poor health or illness; ranging from relieving back pain, improvements in respiratory conditions and management of depression. Depending on the nature of the illness, Yoga Therapy can be used to prevent, cure or manage conditions. Yoga is a complimentary therapy and can be practiced along side western healthcare treatment.
Yoga therapy doesn’t only help to treat physical conditions it also helps to provide you with mental stability and can provide relaxation techniques to help you to manage health conditions.
Yoga can also be applied for personal development at a physical level, such as contributing to sport performance. It can also aid self-inquiry to explore the deeper aspects of ourselves at an emotional or spiritual level.