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Evening Classes - Suitable for ALL Abilities

Tuesday - 7pm until 8.30pm (£7 per class)

Wednesday -  6.15 - 7.15pm & 7.20 - 8.20pm (£6 per class)

* Next Course dates for Susie's classes begin on September 2nd & 3rd consecutively and can be booked by contacting Susie directly on 07817 520729

Why Yoga?

The Sanskrit word yoga is translated as 'union' - between mind, body and spirit and also between the small self, or ego and the big Self, which can be understood as the nature of all things.  When mind, body and spirit are united, working together, the stress and tension of everyday modern life can melt away and the result is a relaxed, happy person. When the little self and big self are united, the result is liberation. This is the path of yoga.

To help this union come about, people who practise yoga follow a system of exercise and philosophy that originated in India 5,000 years ago. Everyone can practice yoga, regardless of age, religion, sex or ability.

Susie encourages a style of yoga practice which will put you in touch with your inner wisdom- the part of you that knows what is good for you. In this way, your yoga practice is unique to you- taking account of the needs of your body, your mind and your lifestyle. As you focus on the postures, breathing techniques, meditation and philosophy, yoga becomes part of your life easily and naturally.

Asanas (yoga postures) strengthen and tone the body and improve the flow of energy - regulating physical systems of the body and breath and stilling the mind for meditation.


Pranayama (breathing techniques) are taught to develop awareness and relaxation of the breath. Prana means the 'vital' or 'life force energy'. You may find that your yoga practice leaves you energised and ready for anything!


Meditation helps to still the mind by focussing your awareness on a single object – the movement of the breath, an image or candle, a sound or chant.

Philosophy is a way of seeing the world and yoga sometimes challenges our world view. Try to keep an open mind.